A new impulse in the development of Spa treatment and rehabilitation in Russia.

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GC “Atlas of Health” together with the NGO “international Union of Women” develops cooperation with the fsbi “NMITS of rehabilitation and balneology” of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.
June 25, 2020 Alfiya Amirova, President of the International Women’s Union, and Anna Vasilets, President of the Atlas of Health group, Vice-President of the International Women’s Union, member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya LLC, visited THE national medical research center for rehabilitation and balneology of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

Elena Pavlovna Ivanova, head of the Department of international relations and public Affairs, discussed topical issues of the development of the sanatorium and resort sphere in Russia, the role of the Federal state institution “NMIC of rehabilitation and balneology” in this process, as well as possible ways of cooperation with this organization.

Women’s health is an integral part of the health of the entire nation, so Wellness programs with an emphasis on women’s health should be an important component of Spa treatment.”

The coronavirus pandemic has raised the issue of strengthening the immune system for everyone. Timely prevention of diseases, high-quality recreation and health improvement in medical resorts-the key to the health of the nation.At the same time, many Russian health resorts have been operating on the old Soviet base for a long time, with outdated protocols for physiotherapy. At the same time, Russia can rightfully be proud of its natural healing factors: unique climatic zones, thermal and mineral springs, deposits of therapeutic mud, which have no analogues in any country in the world. In some regions of Russia, there is a huge potential for creating modern health resort clusters.

In this regard, fsbi “SMRC rehabilitation and balneology” of Ministry of healthcare of the Russian Federation carries out a wide range of scientific works in the field of health-resort aid to the population, introduction of new techniques in the field of rehabilitation and balneology, supports international scientific and business relations, organizes scientific forums, congresses, conferences and exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The organizational capabilities of the ATLAS of Health group and the international women’s Union allow us to also conduct an information campaign on a Federal scale to promote Spa treatment and rehabilitation. Moreover, the specialists of the GC ” Atlas of Health» they have many years of experience working at the best medical resorts in the world, which makes it possible to use their knowledge in the interests of Russian tourism and strengthening the health of the nation. Anna Vasilets notes: “The best treatment is prevention.