Genetic tests are a fundamental component of personalized medicine in the 21st century.

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All information about a person, their appearance, character, predisposition to diseases and personal characteristics is encoded in the DNA molecule. The decoding of DNA and the interpretation of results is called genetic analysis. To make it available to our clients, I met with Professor of genetics Arash Raphil in Paris and asked him questions.

Genetic material is taken from cells – from a sample of blood or saliva. The extraction of DNA from saliva is a more modern method, since it is non – invasive. In the laboratory of Professor Arash, it is more often used.

Genetic tests reveal the risk of developing inherited diseases – cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, immune and endocrine, metabolic disorders, etc.; the reaction/tolerance of the body to classic medications prescribed for the treatment of many diseases. In addition, genetic tests are conducted to determine the characteristics of the human body-a tendency to fatness, to certain physical activities, to develop a special nutrition program and recommendations for lifestyle correction, based on the genetic risk of developing a certain disease. They are also indicated for pregnancy planning and women in a delicate situation to identify the risk of birth of a child with a congenital pathology.

After passing a genetic test, a personalized medical program is developed for the patient with an emphasis on solving problems related to their genetic predisposition.

Genetics is a science that does not stand still and is constantly developing. With the discovery of a new gene, for clients who have passed a genetic test in the laboratory of Professor Arash, the program is adapted again and they receive additional recommendations.

Genetic analysis is a complex and painstaking job. For the accuracy and reliability of the results of a genetic test, it should be passed only in laboratories that have been tested and proven to be the best, such as the Atlas of Health group of companies.

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