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Beauty clinics in Switzerland offer patients not only the services of high-class specialists and advanced technologies, but also conditions of stay, as in five-star hotels.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine – these are very delicate areas of medicine, and one of the most popular among patients. There can be no standard solutions here. After all, the beauty of each person is individual, as well as their wishes for their appearance. In clinics in Switzerland, without exaggeration, brilliant medical manipulations on beauty and youth are carried out.

Advantages of plastic, reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine in Switzerland:

The most famous surgeons with world-wide names, vast experience and impeccable professional training. It is possible to make a preliminary Skype consultation with specialists who will assess the patient’s situation in advance and give recommendations regarding preparation, possible results, and further care.
Conducting primary research that allows you to immediately identify all possible risks and contraindications.
Application of technological capabilities, innovative methods and advanced biological materials.
Minimum time spent in the clinic.
High level of service in Swiss clinics.
The main directions in beauty clinics in Switzerland:

Aesthetics and plastic surgery of the face, neck, and decollete area (lifting, lifting, eyelid blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, lip correction, cheekbones, cheeks, otoplasty, and chin correction).
Breast correction (reconstruction, reduction and enlargement of the breast, correction of the nipples).
Figure correction (body lifting, cryolipolysis, abdominoplasty, lipofilling, liposuction).
Plastic surgery of hands and feet (brachioplasty, solution of problems with varicose veins).
Plastic and aesthetics of intimate areas.
Skin aesthetics (wrinkles, redness, birthmarks, rashes, scars, stretch marks, skin tone, texture)
Solving problems with thinning hair and baldness.
Dental aesthetics (control, bleaching, crowns, health improvement, bite correction, implantology, reconstructive surgery).
Reconstructive surgery. Elimination of defects in various tissues and organs, as well as restoration of their former functions.

Choose only the best specialists in beauty and youth, so that the result of their work pleases You!

Be young and beautiful!


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