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Daliborka Ulemek -Official representative of the project “Hands Woman” in Croatia. Founder and the Managing Director of ADRIA PUTOVANJA LTD.
Daliborka  has an unique combination of vision and experience. Not only does she inspire you to do something but gives you the tools to do it!

Daliborka comes from a long line of tourism.

A compelling keynote speaker who knows how to capture the essence of your meeting and can subsequently highlight it to your audience in a short amount of time while entertaining   a warm, unflappable conference host with a charming  sense of humour.

Being a witty and highly engaging speaker, who is never afraid to tell stories about things that have gone wrong in order to help people understand how to improve their chances of getting things right and succesful.

Daliborka who  holds   Masters degree and title of  Professor  after studying  the of Philosophy and Russian language and literature at Zagreb University, expended her knowledge and additional professional education in Hospitality Management, Tourism & Travel services in the country and abroad.

Since 2013. she  is the  founder and the  Managing  Director of  ADRIA PUTOVANJA LTD. ZAGREB, Croatian DMC her latest business challenge specializing in the health , sport and hunting  tourism sector that makes her business distinctincly different and more challenging in the pioneering environment.  Her solid experience and skills developed in the travel industry where she joined and contributed already at the young age working for the most respective local travel companies, helped her to construct the highly competitive vision, strategy and products through her enterprise.

As Daliborka has excellent delivery and is always  very engaging and her talk is useful, interesting &thought-provoking,  she contributed and developed the business of many other companies where she was posted as  project manager for private investor  in other fields connected to the hospitality industry ( SunSeeker Yacht 40 meter UK based; Thonon les Bains, Reconstruction of the building (mansion) in France, ) that helped her to enrich her skills and knowledge of project management in the construction and tourism sectors with emphasis on the areas of Zagreb and the Adriatic coast.

Sought for her expertise on the future of business,  she leverages her research on the work and on how business can innovate and prepare for the new challenges by organizing and coorganizing various seminars, team buildings, international conferences and events.

Daliborka provides a practical approach to unleashing personal and team creativity, improving both strategic and management innovation, and fulfilling organisational and personal purpose in work-life. The best example is her engagement in the on her own successful going project. She is a developer of unique Cratian suvenire box “Take me Home”.

Daliborka s interest in the international business, events, local and global  cosmopolitan upgraded life, trade and culture improvement  was best reflected when she  have had  also contributed  in the daily work of the European Union translation center for bodies of EU in Luxembourg  as a free lance translator and the Europan Parliament in Luxembourg as a teacher of Craotian language.

In accordance with her interest and exploration of the international trade market  she  was Managing Director and co owner of representative office of the Sudheimer Car Technik Vertriebs GmbH for Croatia. The company was specialized in production and distribution of high-quality lubricants, motore oils and spere parts (SCT Lubricants ltd. Zagreb). This venture gave her a real speedy wheal into the international market and key players in many industries and she gained valuable basin of contacts and cooperants for her present business activities and projects.

Last, but not the least,   Daliborka contributes in the work of  AMBITIO – Institute of Adult Education, Zagreb as a Lecturer on topic: Role of tourist destination  (Education course for Head of health tourism) and she is engaged and being resposnsible on the several on going project.

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