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Forum-exhibition “By Hands of a Woman”

  • The international Forum-exhibition “By Hands of a Womanis a unique platform for the unification of women of different faiths and political views, which is planned to discuss the most relevant topics.


  • Creation of an annual unique platform for uniting women entrepreneurs of different faiths and political views of the International women’s community;
  • Expansion and strengthening of interregional and international business women’s cooperation;
  • Drawing attention to the origins of women’s identity in the world;
  • Introduction of new products to the international market of goods and services, creation of joint ventures;
  • Discovering new names and talents in art, fashion and design;
  • Attracting investments in small and medium-sized businesses of women entrepreneurs, the development of integration business processes for the exchange of experience and the implementation of joint projects;
  • Creating an attractive image of small and medium-sized business women entrepreneurs of the Republic of Croatia, Russia, CIS countries, Europe and Asia.