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Republic of Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is a country in South-Eastern Europe. Croatia (2,028 km long border) borders Slovenia (North-West, 501 km), Hungary (North, 329 km), Serbia and Montenegro (East, South, 266 km), Bosnia and Herzegovina (South-East, 932 km). The Maritime border separates Croatia from Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro. The country’s territory, with a total area of 87,609 sq km, is divided into continental part (56,542 sq km) and territorial waters with an island part (31,067 sq km). Croatia owns 1 185 Islands, of which only 66 are inhabited. The largest island is Krk (409.9 sq km). The coastline, including the Islands, is 5,790 km long.

According to the Constitution, Croatia is a parliamentary Republic. At the same time, the President of the country is elected by direct vote of citizens for 5 years, with a maximum term of office of two mandates.


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and its largest city. Located in the Central part of the country on the Sava river (a tributary of the Danube) near the mountain massif of Medvednica. Zagreb is an ancient city founded about 900 years ago. It has a beautiful medieval historic centre with stunning architecture and atmospheric cobbled streets reminiscent of the streets of Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

Zagreb is divided into three parts: the ancient Upper town (Gornji Grad), where among the ancient streets are the main attractions and museums.

Zagreb is famous for a large number of museums and good restaurants with excellent Croatian and European cuisine.


Opatija (Opatija – a city in the North of the Adriatic, on the shore of the Kvarner Bay.
This place became popular among tourists in the 19th century. And it is not surprising: a rare combination of mild climate, beauty of the surrounding nature, historical and cultural riches of the region attracted travelers from all over the world to the resort.
It is here that the Villa, surrounded by olive and oleander trees, loved to spend time aysedora, Gustav Mahler, Wilhelm II, Chekhov..
Due to its natural location, the city has its own special microclimate – the mountain landscape protects the city from sharp sea winds and gives coolness on hot summer days.