Dear colleagues and partners!

In connection with the measures taken by the government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation and the government of Moscow to counter the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the International women’s Union together with Atlas of health  group of companies to ensure the sanitary safety of our participants and visitors, due to the closure of international borders (foreign guests and participants are forced to cancel their visit to Russia), decided to postpone the international exhibition “Medicine and tourism” to 2021. with a favorable epidemiological situation in the Russian Federation and the world.

The exhibition will be held in 2021. we will inform you later.


Sincerely, organizing Committee.



  • Participation in the exhibition for 3 days.
  • Information in the catalog up to 500 characters.
  • Announcing the Exhibitor on all official websites and social etworks of the event.
  • Photos and videos.
  • Opportunity to present services on the site.
  • Advertising on all event information resources.
  • A certificate of participation.
  • * Development of 9 sq. m.:
  1. Walls
  2. Frieze mounted
  3. Spot Sconce – 2 PCs.
  4. Socket – 1 PC.
  5. Table 70×70 – 1 PC.
  6. Chair – 2 PCs.
  7. Trash can-1 piece.

Cost: 1800 euros-3 days.

registration fee is not charged.Payment for the PACKAGE is REQUIRED!!!

Presentation option-Package №. 4,5

Each additional sq. m. -200 euros for 3 days.

Possible combinations of different areas, depending on the wishes and request of the Exhibitor. Calculated individually.

Standard stand, 9 m2


If you are not able to personally attend and communicate with visitors to the exhibition, we recommend that you take part in absentia.

Absentee participation does not allow you to work full-time with visitors to the exhibition. However, visiting the exhibition is possible.

A specialist selected by the organizers of the exhibition will monitor the timely replenishment of materials.



  • A certificate of participation.
  • Placement of printed products and / or any other information about the Exhibitor’s goods and services on specially designated advertising stands of the event – 3 days.

Cost: 350 euros-3 days.



  • Participant’s diploma.
  • Presentation of institutions, services and goods on information media of the event in video format – 3 days. The duration of the video is up to 10 minutes.
  • Announcement about the participant of the exhibition, indicating the exact time of presentation of the video in the program.
  • Demonstration of video material at least 4 times in 1 day at the exhibition.

Cost: 550 euros-3 days.




  • Presentation of the country, region, institutions, services and products on stage in a video format without a microphone.
  • Demonstration of video material at least 3 times in 1 day at the exhibition ( 3 days) in rotation. The video length is 5 minutes.

Cost: 320 euros-3 days.



Presentation of a country, region, institutions, services and goods in the framework of the round table “Presentation of the Russian regions” in the conference room, up to 15 minutes with the announcement on all sources exhibitions ( website, social networks etc) and in the official program of the exhibition.

Cost: 650 euros-3 days.