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How to get from Strasbourg airport to the city?

Strasbourg-Anzheim Airport is located 11 kilometers south-west of the city, in the Alsatian town of Antsheim.The transport connection between this airport and the nearby cities is quite convenient, and you can get to the capital of European justice in several ways and at any time of the day.
The most convenient way to get from the airport of Strasbourg to the city is by taxi. And if you arrived at night – the only one.

By public transport

1. Train

A very convenient way for thrifty travelers. Aeroexpress “Navette train” runs between the airport and the railway station of Strasbourg.
The interval of its movement is 15 minutes, the journey time is 10 minutes. The fare is 4 euros.
Aeroexpress goes:
on working days – 05.30 – 22.30,
on weekends and holidays – 07.00 – 22.00.
The ticket can be purchased in automatic ticket offices directly on the platform, as well as at any ticket office of the airport.
You can catch a train at Anzheim-Airport (la gare d’Entzheim-Aéroport) station, which is located next to the terminal’s passenger terminal. From there, trains leave the TER of the Alsatian line.


2. The bus

Buses at Strasbourg airport are unpopular. The only route through the airport is number 12 (Entzheim-Ouest-Lingolsheim-Alouettes airport).
The interval of its movement is 15 minutes.
Working hours:
weekdays 5.15 – 20.40,
Sunday and holidays 9.45 – 19.40.
Tickets can be bought in automatic ticket offices at the bus stop. The stop is near the taxi stops, behind the pedestrian bridge.


From Frankfurt to Strasbourg

1. Train

From Frankfurt to Strasbourg, you can leave at 4 am. The last flight in this direction leaves at about 10 pm. There are several non-stop flights during the day. The first at 6:58 pays daily except Saturday. Flights at 13:58 and 16:58 are sent daily. The remaining flights involve 1-2 transplants, for example, in the cities of Offenburg and Karlsruhe.


2. By bus

From Frankfurt to Strasbourg this company has a daily schedule. The first direct flight leaves at 8 am, the last at 18:35. Buses leave Strasbourg with an interval between flights about two hours. The journey takes 3-4 hours. On average, about 3.5 hours. The departure station may be different. You can take the bus either by the train station or at the airport. Everything depends on what you prefer.


How to get from Stuttgart to Strasbourg?

1. Train

On the train go 1h.19min. The ticket price is 30 € – 50 €.
At Stuttgart Hbf station take the Tgv train.
Trains run once a day. Travel time 1 h. 19 min.


2. By bus

The route by bus takes you 2h.17min. Tickets cost 40 € – 60 €.
At the Stuttgart Hbf stop, take the bus.
Buses depart once a day. Go 2 hours 17 minutes.