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The unforgettable, bright, individual Brand “Yalidia” was presented at the 3rd International Festival of Handicrafts and Handicrafts “By the Hands of a woman”.

The brand “Yalidia” Lidia Tskhovrebova owes its appearance to the artist – designer Lidia Tskhovrebova.

The desire for beauty in creativity was embodied by love for a beautiful woman with a bright personality. The essence of the brand’s philosophy has become love for everyone who purchases Yalidia works: From heart to heart…

In 2009, she was not afraid to enter the fashion world with a unique exquisite design and a level of quality of jewelry made of natural stones.

Friendship with the great couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev, a recognized artist of high style, a master of costume, and his show of the collection “Russian Seasons in Paris” in 1988, radically influenced her work. And the idea was born of creating stylized felted merino kokoshnik hats “Russian Beauty” in “Russian style”, with colorful fragments of patterns of flowers of Pavlovo-Posad shawls felted in them. Cocoanut hats “Russian Beauty” did not leave many international exhibitions indifferent, and they began their march from Canada to Europe.
A large collection of cocoanut hats was created for Slava Zaitev Moscow Fashion House, which has been participating in many of its shows for many years.

The brand “Yalidia” was awarded the diploma of the Winner of the 3rd International Festival of Handicrafts and Handicrafts “By the hands of a woman”.

The organizing committee expresses special gratitude to Lidiya Vladimirovna Tskhovrebova, an Artist-designer. Member of the Association of Fashion Designers of Russia. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Member of the Association of Artists of Decorative Arts. Participant of many Russian and international shows in Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries.

“I will paint happiness with orange paint,

Under the color of maple leaves and orange – in color.

And, having run away, I will jump into my fairy-tale picture

Where there are no resentments and sadness, and there is no boredom either!


I’ll paint the sky azure-turquoise,

And clouds that are whiter than January snow!

And let the plot be worn out, and let the plot not be new,

I look at the drawing — and my soul is warmer!


I will paint my life in shades of orange,

I will let in a cheerful wind for the joy of the sails!

I don’t need much — at least half

Orange happiness to give to all of you!”

Lydia Tskhovrebova

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