Partners of The festival “By hands of a woman” – “Community of wives of Russian diplomats”.

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We are pleased to present partners Of the international festival of Handicrafts and crafts “By hands of a woman” – “Community of wives of Russian diplomats”.

In 2019, the photo exhibition “the World through the eyes of Russian diplomats ‘wives” was presented as part of the festival “By hands of a woman”. The exhibition featured images taken in 32 countries – more than 170 photos from all over the world, visited by the wives of Russian diplomats on duty of their spouses.

in 2021, the world through the eyes of Russian diplomats ‘ wives photo exhibition will be presented at the “By hands of a woman” Festival. The wives of Russian diplomats dressed in national costumes will represent the countries participating in the photo exhibition. Japanese kimono, Indian Sari, Korean hanbok, costumes of Arab and African countries-festival visitors will be transported to different parts of the World. The exhibition will feature images taken in 43 countries from all corners of the globe, where the wives of Russian diplomats have visited or are currently in the service of their spouses.

“The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the Grand scale of travel around the world for our husbands, to show the incredible beauty and identity of various countries “– says the author of the photo project” the World through the eyes of the wives of Russian diplomats ” Christina Nestoyanova.

The goal of the Community is to create a positive image of the Russian diplomatic service through soft diplomacy, namely, through charity, establishing relations with the wives of diplomats of foreign diplomatic missions, Patriotic projects, implementing continuity and transferring experience from the wives of senior diplomats to those who have just started their career as the spouse of a Russian diplomat. The community unites women who are currently in more than 50 countries of the world on long-term business trips as their diplomatic husbands.

One of the most important activities of the Community is interaction with the G. V. Chicherin children’s home sponsored by the Russian foreign Ministry in the village of Karaul in the Tambov region. With the support of the Council of young diplomats of the Russian foreign Ministry and the Department of foreign Affairs) participants repeatedly went to the pupils with a creative program.

The community organizes a series of lectures on diplomatic Protocol, meetings with experts in table etiquette, appearance, the art of communication, and well-known figures of science and culture. With the support of the Association of Russian diplomats, the Community implements a number of projects. So, at the moment, we are working on the first unique cookbook of the wives of Russian diplomats, which will contain recipes from all over the world.

An outstanding event in the life of the Community was the creation in 2018 of the first in the history of the foreign Ministry of Russia project “the world eyes of the wives of Russian diplomats,” by which each spouse of a Russian diplomat has the ability to display photographs depicting daily life of the local population, traditions and customs, rare footage of nature – all that is usually hidden from the eyes of tourists, of the host country in the long business trip with her husband, a diplomat. The photo exhibition dedicated to the day of the diplomatic worker was successfully held in the Federation Council, the Russian foreign Ministry, MGIMO, the Diplomatic Academy and the RUDN. As a result, the exhibition catalog was printed and sent to The Museum of the Russian foreign Ministry.

A number of projects initiated by members of the Community are currently under development – any spouse of a Russian diplomat can use the wide platform of the Community to realize their ideas, talents and dreams.

We are glad to cooperate ! We wish further development to The community of wives of Russian diplomats and joint interesting projects.