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We present to Your attention the Partner of the 3rd international Festival “By hands of a woman” – “Anna Komkina model School”.

Training in more than 5 disciplines (fashion shows, photography, image and style, etiquette …), participation in fashion shows, photo sessions and shooting, master classes and interesting events. “No restrictions on age, physique and beauty standards” – this is our motto!

Our students are ORDINARY WOMEN of different ages, parameters and complexions who want to brighten up their everyday life with new creative projects, and who will be lucky and commercial !

⚫️The world of fashion has ceased to belong only to fragile girls: in Europe and Russia, plus-size models are becoming increasingly popular. Who is better-beauty with the usual “90-60-90” or curvy forms? You decide !
And we suggest that girls with significant advantages rather become our models of the group “JUICY LADY”( from size 50).

⚫️Is it fair that everywhere-on posters, magazine pages , in ads and lookbooks-only young people’s photos are printed? But many successful age models are so passionate about their work that they are not going to retire , despite graying locks.
So let’s say no to age!
If you are over 50 and you want to be admired, show off on the catwalk, star in fashion magazines and photo shoots, and possibly earn money – you are here – the group “BEAUTIFUL AGE” (50 +)

⚫️Do not worry about the imperfections of your face, because they make our appearance unique.
Just a few years ago, a girl with imperfect facial proportions could not be imagined as a model. But today everything is different: fashion photographers are increasingly choosing models with memorable looks and they are the most popular models in the world. It is for you, girls with a twist, that we created the group “I am SPECIAL”.

If you recognize yourself in one of these categories and dream of a career as a model, or maybe you want to learn a beautiful walk (and not only) for yourself – write to us !

ANNA KOMKINA, the founder of the school of Models, is an actress, model, Director of fashion shows and fashion shows.
Since 2002, she has been successfully working in the Fashion industry. During this time, I have accumulated and systematized serious experience in the modeling business. For 16 years, she has organized and held a large number of Fashion events and shows.
As an active model and fashion model, Anna uses all her skills and connections to organize shows and fashion shows for our students in the best and most interesting projects.
Thanks to her pedagogical education, Anna developed an author’s method of teaching in a model school.