Fashion promenade-Promenade Della Moda-partner Of the festival ” By hands of a woman”

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We present to you the partner of the 3rd international Festival “By hands of a woman” – the project “fashion Promenade”.

The fashion Promenade project focuses on finding the cultural identity and style of designers from all over the world.
“Fashion promenade” is a fashion symbol based on the culture, traditions and personality of each country. The event was created to promote designer creations not only in the Italian fashion market, but also internationally.

The project was created solely because, on the one hand, it meets the current expectations and ideas of society and the world of the “Fashion System” and adapts to global trends, and at the same time, its creations correspond to the European fashion style.

The fashion Promenade project is a platform for displaying collections and presentations of designers in Italy with a professional approach: press, photos, programs, fashion shows, selection of designers and their promotion. And, above all, we select participants to search for new names that are ready to show and tell about their collections. Our experts in the field of fashion and the jury choose those who are ready to enter the fashion market, thanks to the prestigious showrooms.
Why did we choose this name for a project where the French word “Promenade” is present? Because this word is often used as a synonym for walking around the city, as in the prose of the nineteenth century, when French was common in the Russian Empire. In our case, this is synonymous with walking the fashion runway in the heart of the capital of the fashion industry – Milan!

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