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On February 16, a working meeting was held in the office Media Holding “”.

The meeting discussed the preparation of the Business Platform-the forum “Woman of the Third Millennium”, which will be held on October 15-17 at VDNH, Pavilion No. 55, where the following events will also be presented::

  • International Festival of NHP and Crafts “By Hands of a Woman”
  • International exhibition “Medical Tourism”
    Discussed information support for the event and participants with the General Information Partner Media Holding “”

We have agreed on special issues under the title “Woman of the Third Millennium” with the participants and partners of the above-mentioned events.

The first broadcast will take place on February 26 and will be held with the participation of the General Director of the Media Holding “” – Novikova I., President of the “International Women’s Union” – Amirova A. and Vice-President of the “International Women’s Union” President of the “Atlas of Health” Group of Companies-Vasilets A.

The meeting was attended by :

  • General Director of Media Holding “” – Novikova I. 
  • President of the International Women’s Union-Amirovoy A. 
  • General Director of the Zur Art Foundation, Vice President of the International Women’s Union-Shakirzyanov M. 
  • Deputy Head of the Special Projects Department of the Media Holding “” – Olga Korotkevich

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