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The Board of Trustees and the jury Of the international festival “By Hands of a woman” included Eugeniya Rolfe-Smith Baroness Bagge Af Boo (UK), actress, public figure, Doctor of Arts

Eugenia Rolf-Smith Baroness Bagge AF BU about herself: “I want to take part in a creative, complex , necessary world for women, a creative interesting project or program where I can Express my desire for creativity, innovation and realize the need for my work. I have the ability to be constantly focused in my work, always flexible, reliable, responsible, painstaking and honest person. I pay great attention to details, planning, and organization.”

Work experience:

  • Conducting and organizing the Svalbard environmental festival 2015
  • Holding a campaign to protect polar bears in Svalbard 2015
  • Holding a campaign congratulating veterans of the second world war in England and France 2015
  • Holding a meeting of WWII veterans in Aviron France 2015
  • Campaigning against women’s cancer London 2015
  • Assistance to the Tretyakov gallery in obtaining works by V. Serov from English museums
    Author of a film about the artist Somov for the bbs channel, author of publications about the artist in Russian and Western publications-consulting and PR Agency TRYD, London, UK, Director: experience in the field of software management; planning, implementation, control of programs and portfolios, experience in conducting large-scale events such as the year of culture in Derry-Londonderry 2013, the festival of avant – garde theater in Edinburgh 2012, the First international women’s Congress in Kazan 2014 , marathon-fundraising in support of cancer laboratories in London 2014 (3589 participants).
  • BBS television company, London, great Britain, producer, Director, screenwriter, journalist: experience in creating original projects and documentaries about society, history, art, archeology, travel.
    Creating social TV projects focused on solving social problems and having commercial attractiveness.
    Independent production of TV projects, writing scripts for movies. Author of screenplays for American studios Right to defense, Investigation of a man beyond suspicion, how to kill his wife-remake, Delicious Harry.
    Author of documentary films about Siberia, Altai, Nepal, China, Kombodzhi, Mustang
    Research work in archives, writing articles in art magazines
    Acting in the theater ( national theater of London, Royal theater of Edinburgh, Meyerhold Center, Anatoly Vasiliev laboratory,Central theater of Los Angeles)
  • Acting in films and TV series ( Russia, USA). I have acting awards.
    Actress and Executive producer at VGTRK TV company (Kulagin and Partners-750 episodes) – Author of films for the documentary project of the ORT channel (Scanner)
    Director of the documentary film Studio Mirror, Director, journalist, REN TV-Author of the program on REN TV ( the Last bachelor)
    Manager of the advertising Agency Golden Telecom, ROL, TeleRoss
    Director and owner of AGAMA advertising Agency, Webway, co-owner of search engine – there are no more banner networks, the Creator of the draft legislation on I-signature in the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, the Creator of B2B trading platforms and RBC TV
  • Deputy Director of the Russian Children’s Fund for international relations. Work experience and presentations in UNICEF, FISA, UNDP, UNHCR, received consultative status with ECOSOC for the Russian children’s Fund. Development of a program to Protect and save children in Chechnya, a program to protect the rights of Newborns in women’s prisons, A program for the education of street children, work with world foundations, embassies in Moscow and public organizations.

Public organization:

  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Women’s Congress
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Association of art Historians of the Russian Federation
  • Trustee of the shelter orphans in Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Member of the Guild of actors and cinema of the Russian Federation
  • Member of the screenwriters Guild of the USA
  • Preventive medicine, psychodrama, ASI

Languages: English, French, Hungarian

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