The most important thing for a person is his homeland and his family.

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Irina  Dmitrienko, Acting General Director, joined the jury of the International Festival of Handicrafts and Handicrafts “By the Hands of a Woman”. LLC “Russian fairs“.

Irina Vladimirovna accepted the invitation to join the jury, as the Festival “By the Hands of a Woman” echoes the basic principles of Russian Fairs LLC – the revival of ancient national traditions in Russia.

Having passed the professional path from an ordinary member of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to the Minister of Property and Land Relations of Primorsky Krai, becoming a high-level professional in the field of land and property relations, transferring my experience and knowledge to students of the Far Eastern State Technical University, I gratefully accepted the invitation of Akif Tairovich Gilalov and joined the team of the Russian Fairs project.

The most important thing for a person, the most valuable thing for a person is his Homeland and his family.

Throughout our lives, we are accompanied by ups and downs, successes and defeats, gains and losses, sunrises and sunsets, but all this coming, eternal is our family, our roots. This is something that any of us should know, remember, appreciate, love, cherish and pass on from generation to generation.

Love for the Motherland begins with family! But at the same time, in the words of George Gordon Byron: “He who does not love his country cannot love anything.”  Two such integral concepts in the life of any person are Family and Homeland, Homeland and Family.

Unfortunately, at some stage of the development of our society, family values have shaken, have gone into the background and for some it has become “not fashionable”, “superfluous” to cherish the memory of their ancestors, to love their Homeland, to preserve family and cultural values, traditions of the peoples of Russia, to be called Russian.

For me, the most important moment in making a decision to change the vector of professional activity was the potential laid down in the project to revive the traditional giant action called “Russian Fair”.

Fairs and city festivals have long been a part of Russian culture and history.

The Russian Fairs project is an ecosystem of multicultural entertainment complexes. Multifunctional venues in 170 cities of Russia, each of which presents the best manifestations of the original culture of the peoples of Russia.

This is the first place where tourists will come to get to know and understand Russia, to get into the local flavor, to answer for themselves the question “what is Russia?”.

Earlier, the  “International Women’s Union” and LLC “Russian Fairs” signed a cooperation agreement. Thank you for your cooperation and trust!

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