Author’s dolls made by a WOMAN’s HANDS.

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I Kulemzina Marina from the city of Ulyanovsk,the wizard dolls.
I have been doing creative work since early childhood,sewing and knitting dolls.

As a teenager, she sewed and knitted for herself and her friends.
When I got married and had two daughters,and the time was such that there was nothing in the shops,I tried to dress them beautifully,knitting and sewing their outfits.
Later, she studied at various courses – macrame, frivolite, modeling, etc.
My next hobby was embroidery, I embroidered pictures.

In 2011, I went to study courses on Japanese Floristics from marshmallow clay DECO.

And in 2015, I accidentally got to a webinar on dolls and fell in love with this type of creativity irrevocably. I took master classes from famous masters, both in person and online, and still study, because I want to learn everything new. I use different techniques-boudoir, static, hinged from different plastics-baked, self-sealing.
I participate in both regional and international exhibitions – Moscow,Saratov,Sochi,Voronezh,Kazan, Prague.
In 2017, she was the winner of the all-Russian festival “Hands of a woman”, and in 2019, at The international festival” Hands of a woman”, she became the 1st degree Winner.

My creative path is not limited to this, without leaving work with dolls, I began to take training in realistic toys, these are mobile animals sewn from artificial fur on an anatomical frame.

But I don’t think my creative path will end there either – I’m constantly searching.