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We present to your attention a delightful brand of the @bellIrina_art workshop and an incredibly creative hostess-Irina Khalitova.

The brand of the workshop @bellIrina_art Kazan is a doll made of textiles, created with great love, heartfelt warmth and in a single copy. Winners of the Grand Prix of the 2nd international festival “Hands of women” Moscow 2019

Each doll has its own story: delicate or bright colors, original accentuation with a slight influence of history and modernity. Natural fabrics, leather, yarn, lace, ruffles, ribbons, fine jewelry, various accessories are used. Modern technologies allow you to improve your work.


Dolls come to life: they sit, stand with a stand, bend the handles, turn the head; natural hair can be styled in different ways. And of course, each has its own diverse wardrobe. Special emphasis is placed on the details of clothing. Additional attributes are thought out-packaging, decorated wooden boxes, your own passport with the serial number of the doll, sachets, flowers, designer stands, doll furniture, etc. The size of the doll is 37 cm without a stand.