“Russian Switzerland” has won the diplomas of the Winners at the Festival “By the hands of a woman”!

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It’s hard to imagine another place like the Altai Republic. For the unique landscape, the originality untouched by civilization, foreigners call this region “Russian Switzerland”. Once, before the arrival of people, the same atmosphere prevailed in the Alps.

And this beauty was presented at the 3rd International Festival of Handicrafts and Crafts “By the hands of a woman”.

Sole proprietor of Gorny Altai Yakoyakova Altynai presented exclusively handmade products: scarves, stoles, vests, hats, clothes and jewelry in the national style. The master prefers natural organic materials: leather, ceramics, felt, cedar, stone, as well as eco-products for beauty, health and youth.  Wearing environmentally friendly, natural, non-wet clothes made of wool contributes to the improvement of the body, having a beneficial effect on human muscles and joints, skin, felt helps to cope with the onset of a cold, promotes accelerated healing of wounds and fractures, is useful for rheumatism and arthritis, diabetes. And besides, visitors to the exhibition have a wonderful opportunity to decorate themselves, their home, and buy original handmade gifts for loved ones.

Altai Mountains LLC specializes in photo production of its own production, antler and honey products.  A wonderful assortment was presented at the Festival: honey, balms, flavoring herbal teas, preventive teas, oils, antler products, gift sets, monotraves. As well as a wide range of souvenir products: paintings, magnets, photo cameras, sawn-offs, souvenirs with a stand, wall clocks, phone stands.

Korbut manufactories is a small family business in the Altai Mountains, with a very interesting history of creation. They are cozy, the kettle is always heated and there are a couple of cups on the table. There are many colorful jars of oils and various aromatic herbs on the shelves, and the friendly hosts are always happy to welcome guests. Everyone comes for something of their own: who needs a pinch of happiness, who needs a handful of tranquility, who needs bright dreams. And everyone gets what they came for, and everything is only natural handmade!

This wonderful The product range was presented at the Festival:

  • Glycerin soap and boiled soap
    Shampoos on decoctions of medicinal herbs and solid shampoos
    Shower gels
    Solid massage creams and creams based on oleoresin
    Hair masks and conditioners
    Cream soap
    Fermented Ivan Tea (+ herbal supplements)
    Honey from the Altai Mountains

Pobeda LLC presented at the Festival products made of fur, felt, natural cedar: masks, stoles, bags, panels, souvenirs. All products made of natural material, created according to the author’s ideas of the master, are made by various techniques at a high professional level

The organizing committee expresses special gratitude to Galina Popova, the Head of the NHP Department of the My Business Center!!!

All participants  Altai Republics presented at the Festival “By the Hands of women” deservedly received diplomas of Winners!!!

Visitors could not pass by the stand of the Altai Republic. Originality and beauty attracted the eyes of the guests of the exhibition.
We are sure that at the 4th International Festival of Handicrafts and Handicrafts “By the hands of women” the Altai Republic will present even wider!



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