We offer you to become an information partner of the international Festival of Folk arts and crafts “By Hands of a Woman”

Regulations on information partners of the international Festival of Handicrafts and handicrafts “By Hands of a Woman” (hereinafter-the Festival).

Information partners of the events can be Russian and foreign specialized and non-specialized mass media: a periodical printed publication, a radio or television channel, an Internet portal, or an information agency.

Information and advertising partnership is a full-scale information support and support for the preparation and holding of the international Festival of NHP and crafts “Hands of a Woman”.
Below is a basic proposal for a partnership within the framework of organizing information support for events

Cooperation with the information partner includes the following bilateral obligations:

  • placement of information materials about the upcoming Festival;
    publication of advertising and information modules of the Festival;
    placement of the event banner on the start page of the media website with a link to the Festival website;
    posting announcements about the upcoming Festival on news feeds;
    sending messages about the Festival by e-mail;
    stories in information programs about the upcoming event in the process of preparation;
    detailed stories and publications based on the results of the event.
    If the information partner package includes options that are not listed above and are interesting for the organizer, the management considers the possibility of providing additional opportunities for the partner.

The organizer of the site notifies the information partners in advance about all events in the framework of the preparation and holding of the Festival and provides the necessary materials.

Information partners are provided with the following package of services:

  • Assigning the official status of the “Information Partner” of the Festival
    Accreditation for thematic events of the Festival with a limited number of participants.
    Placement of the Information Partner’s logo (with an active link to the partner’s website) on the official website of the Festival.
    Placement of the Partner’s information and logo in the Official Catalog of the Festival participants
    Placement of the Partner’s information and logo on the event banner.
    Providing the Partner with the necessary information about the exhibition to create information materials.
    Information partners are awarded with diplomas of the international Festival of NHP and crafts “By Hands of a Woman“.

If you have any questions, please contact the Organizing Committee

by phone:+7 9684418451, +7 9671483832