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We present to your attention the participant of the 4th International Festival of Handicrafts and Crafts “By the hands of a woman”

my name is Elena. I was born and raised in Samara
I am a designer and founder of the design studio “Velikaya”. I am an architect by education (diploma of SAMGAS, Art School of Samara), and I also have a huge number of additional training courses in the areas
of abstract painting, needlework courses, courses in decorative pastes and paints. I founded my Studio in 2018 in MOUGINS, France, the city of artists and the place where Picasso worked and lived for the last 15 years of his life.

The moment of opening my studio was an important stage in my life. I moved to live in France in 2013 with my family and 3 months later I was diagnosed with CANCER. 2014 was a very difficult year for me, surgery, chemotherapy, a complication after  chemotherapy – peritonitis of increased complexity. There was a very difficult period of recovery, loss of interest in life. But I have always been supported by my family and my
spiritual mentor, Father Alexander, a clergyman of the Orthodox Church in Nice.

There was still a 6-year period of treatment, but I regained my interest in life with my creativity, I completely devoted myself to this business, leading my thoughts in the right, positive and creative direction.
The victory over the disease taught me to love life, people and creativity. I came back to life refreshed, self-confident, with a desire to bring beauty to people.
I created my own Studio ARTDECO_idea, opened courses for adults and children on needlework.
Since 2019, I started creating paintings under the surname RomanoV (my maiden name Romanov), the basis of the plot of the paintings is the heart, as a geometric art object. Turn out it is symbolic, since the symbol of the fight against breast cancer is the heart, probably the subconscious mind creatively shot)))

At the moment, my family and I have returned to permanent residence in Russia and they are rebranding their Design Studio, combining it under one brand “GREAT” is all the directions of my creativity, namely the decor of interior items, home textiles, Costume jewelry, Design of T-shirts and hoodies) At the exhibition, I would like to introduce my work to a multi-million audience Russia and CIS countries.


The directions that I would like to present at the exhibition are decorative and serving plates, trays, home textiles, Christmas balls The decor of plates and trays are made in the technique of decoupage and contour painting. To create home textiles, I use the world-famous Pavloposad shawls, and I would also like to present a small part of my collection of T-shirts.



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