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We present to Your attention the Partner of the 3rd international Festival “By hands of a woman” – BellaVita.

BellaVita (from 1995 to present) is a Russian brand and boutique Atelier of individual tailoring of premium outerwear, the Creator and chief fashion designer of which is Victoria Zubareva. Victoria is also a Vice-President of the international Union of Women, an organization that supports women entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses.

Keeping up with the times, many companies have to adapt to the current pace of life, and BellaVita is no exception.

A person of a megalopolis is a person who is busy 24/7 with working moments and tasks, among which it is necessary to have time to solve urgent issues at home. Understanding this importance as no one else and taking care of those who trust them, the BellaVita team provides the entire list of its services in an online format, which makes it possible to be in demand not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries, Europe, and the Arab States.

The modern format of the Atelier allows you to choose a convenient type of interaction: order tailoring or purchase a finished product. (for example, a sable coat or a cashmere coat with fur trim.)

In BellaVita you can find all the necessary services for creating and maintaining a wardrobe: work with a fashion designer; individual tailoring; dressing capsule; “Online Atelier” (remote work); interior tailoring; repair and re-cutting of any complexity; restoration of fabrics made of knitwear and cashmere; cleaning of fur coats and sheepskin coats; storage of fur products in specialized conditions and non-standard development of “Selection of fur coats”.

To create a fur coat, you can choose from sable, chinchilla, marten, lynx, mink and other types of fur; for the lining – silk and viscose; for decoration – French lace and accessories from Italy.

Environmental friendliness is the main principle of the company’s work, the meaning of which is invested in the use of natural materials in production. A product created from environmentally friendly materials is a concern for the environment and, above all, for its owner. Such clothing decomposes in nature from a week to 5 years, depending on the material, and if it is a fabric – on its density. It promotes skin respiration, which is necessary to maintain the microclimate of the human body.

Another priority principle is the humane treatment of natural resources. BellaVita says “no” to barbaric methods of fur extraction. Raw materials for the production of fur coats are purchased from responsible suppliers, the main of which are the small indigenous peoples of Siberia and the Far North, who have traditionally harvested fur raw materials for centuries.

Clothing should be an extension of a person – it is a way of self-expression, demonstrating character and life position, as well as a portable comfort zone from which to go out.

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