Natalie Golitsyna is a member of the International Jury.

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The International jury of the NHP and Crafts Festival “By the hands of a woman” included Natalie Golitsyna

President of the Russian Art and Culture Club

President of the Creative Union of Artists of Decorative and Applied Arts. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Candidate of Cultural Studies. Artist. Collector.

– Order of the Holy Equal – to – the – Apostles Princess Olga of the 2nd degree
– the Order of the “Star of Hope” for outstanding activity in the spiritual revival of the nation and the strengthening of international relations. Awarded the title of “Master of Science and Practice” of the 1st degree with the presentation of a diploma, certificate and gold award set “Star of Hope”

The Russian Art and Culture Club was founded in 1998 on the initiative of Natalie Golitsyna.

The club is a continuation of the traditions of the “Russian Club”, which existed
in Moscow at the end of the XIX – early XX century and was located on Tverskoy Boulevard.
Its head was Prince N. Lvov. The foremen were prominent public figures of that time. The Club was actively supported by the Governor of Moscow V. Dzhunkovsky. The actions were held under the patronage of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna.

The Russian Club of Art and Culture was created as a non-political public organization, the main purpose of which is to revive and multiply the cultural and spiritual traditions of Russian society.

Over the years, the Club has carried out many cultural, artistic and charitable events.

Russian Russian Art and Culture Club invites everyone who cares about Russia, who is ready to contribute to the glory and greatness of the Russian people, to cooperate.

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