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We invite you to take part in the 5th International Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts “By  hands of a woman”.

The place and time of the event are subject to approval.

We invite companies, organizations, specialized associations, masters of folk art, artisans, designers, artists, representatives of other creative directions, travel companies and agencies from 85 regions of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries to participate in the 4th International Festival of Handicrafts and Crafts “By  Hands of a woman” at one of the central exhibition grounds of the country with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Tourism. The partner of the Festival is the Eurasian Women’s Forum.

The festival “By the hands of a woman” is a place where you can pick up unusual handmade gifts for your loved ones. The event takes place on the eve of the New Year’s magic.

The year 2022 is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia, follows from the decree of the President of the country Vladimir Putin.

“[The decision was made] in order to popularize folk art and preserve cultural traditions, historical and cultural monuments, ethnic and cultural diversity, cultural identity of all peoples and ethnic communities,” the document says.

The festival aims to demonstrate the national flavor of the peoples of Russia through the expression of the diversity of the culture of their nation through handicrafts, crafts, decorative and applied arts, national costumes and traditions.

The implementation of the Festival’s events is aimed at helping to preserve the national identity of the peoples of Russia in the conditions of the increasing pace of globalization of society.

At the Festival it is possible:

To show the uniqueness and potential of souvenir products of the region by means of NHP.
To show the national flavor of the region through folk arts and crafts, through the identity of the women of the region.
To show how multifaceted folk art crafts are in modern conditions.
To show the investment attractiveness of the region for women of small and medium-sized businesses.
To show how noble is the work of a woman who embodies in her image the best cultural traditions of the peoples of Russia.
Tell about the tourist routes of the region.
The International Festival of Handicrafts and Handicrafts “By the Hands of a Woman” has established itself as the only modern international gender exhibition in Russia.

Международный Фестиваль «Руками женщины» ранее собирал на своей площадке мастеров из более 72 регионов РФ, стран СНГ и зарубежных стран, является Победителем конкурса Президентских грантов (2018г) и был представлен как на зарубежной арене (Франция, Италия), так и в «трех столицах России» (Москва, Санкт Петербург, Казань) на престижных площадках.


Every year, Ambassadors of foreign countries on the territory of the Russian Federation, attaches for economic issues of embassies of foreign countries on the territory of the Russian Federation, attaches for tourism of embassies of foreign countries on the territory of the Russian Federation, Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Senators of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, representatives and heads of relevant ministries, heads of regions, tourist associations of foreign countries on the territory of the Russian Federation are present at the Festival as Honorary guests, associations of wives of Ambassadors of foreign countries, community of wives of Russian diplomats, representatives of international and Russian women’s organizations of small and medium-sized businesses, etc. Honored guests.

The Festival will include fashion shows, photo exhibitions, master classes and networking with the involvement of Russian and international experts.

The three-day format of the Festival will allow the International Jury to evaluate and select Winners and laureates whose work will be presented at foreign venues.

You have a unique opportunity to hold a presentation of the region in various directions within the framework of the festival.

Terms of participation on the official website of the project:


The organizer of the 5th International Festival of Folk Arts and Crafts “By the Hands of a woman” is the NGO “International Union of Women” ( )

The general information partner is Media Holding “Правда.ги “. More than 9,000,000 unique visitors per month. ( ).


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