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Dearcolleagues! The organizers of the International Exhibition Forum”By Hands of a woman” offer you an excellent opportunity in the framework of the event:
  • to see at the exhibition and fashion shows the collection of clothing designers of Russia, CIS countries, France, Italy, the countries of the European Union, Central and East Asia, and other countries;
  • get acquainted with the products of companies and organizations working in the field of light industry and fashion industry, manufacturers of fabrics, clothes, footwear, accessories, masters of folk art, craftsmen; manufacturers of textile and sewing equipment, printers and plotters for textiles, souvenirs, various companies and organizations whose products and services contain ethno-cultural components;
  • establish business contacts with designers, trademark owners, manufacturers
  • products of arts and crafts, leading fashion journalists, and other useful partners;
  • make orders, communicating directly with the owner, or a representative of the trademark;
  • communicate with the target audience, analyze the needs of potential customers, learn their tastes and expectations;
  • Gain new ideas, select and acquire really high-quality, interesting, original models;
  • take part in business conferences, where the main trends of modern fashion are discussed


  • International Festival “By hands of a woman”provides excellent opportunities for expanding the market for your products and contracting for supplies.
  • The organizers of the International Festival “By hands of a woman”  invite purchasing managers to participate in the Buyer Program.
  • The business program of the International Festival “By hands of a woman” for buyers, buyers and distributors is a specialized event for market participants in the fashion, design, crafts and crafts industries, fine arts and decorative arts.
  • The program is aimed at the effective establishment of business contacts between manufacturers and distributors. It allows you to create a contact list in advance and appoint meetings with representatives of companies whose activities are related to the production of products and services of an ethno-cultural orientation.
  • The program is designed to make the visit to the International Festival “By hands of a woman” more fruitful. Representatives of purchasing departments of chain stores of clothing, handicrafts, souvenirs, art objects, ateliers, trading houses, buyers from wholesalers, distributors operating in the market of the fashion industry, design, crafts and handicrafts, fine and decorative- applied arts

Program participants are provided with:

  • ​Assistance in establishing links with exhibitors, participants of the International Festival “By hands of a woman”
  • Separate “VIP” registration desk for program participants
  • Participation in all events of the business program
  • VIP-badge for the time of the International Festival “By hands of a woman”
  • Providing the Catalog of the International Festival “By hands of a woman” for the selection of partners



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